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Default Re: Where can i buy a Power Supply for my D-Command ?

Originally Posted by andrej770 View Post
I beg to differ. If you spend good money for these consoles, why go cheap, and turn into Mr. Fixit, when they need repairs. Who has time in the middle of a mix to solder a capacitor? And which is the correct capacitor to replace? And what if the capacitor going bad was a sign other parts of the PSU need to be repaired? This line of questioning could continue...all along your console is unavailable for sessions.

In this business time is money and console availability is money. Spend the $100 on the PSU's from Sager (Search the forums for other posts I've made) and replace the PSU. The old PSU isn't going to have a bubble comment above the bad capacitor guiding you along. I have spare PSU's for each possible failure. Save up and do the same. These consoles are no longer supported AT ALL by Avid. It will save you time and money in the end...and keep your console available. You tube can teach you how to replace the capacitor but it won't re-earn the money you lost while tinkering with the consoles delicate electronics.

Just MHO.
Sounds like someone's afraid of a solder gun. Or has never fixed a power supply.
The capacitors are the only things that go bad on these power supplies.
And yes, there is practically "a bubble" marking the problem. The bad capacitor is expanded (blown up) and sometimes with burn marks. Pretty easy to tell. Here in Los Angeles, you can get an "advanced replacement" which pretty much means you pickup a power supply, swap it in, and take the broken one back to get repaired.

As for "cheap" -- paying more to someone else for a cheap power supply at a a higher price does not make the fix more professional. It's the same problem fixed the same way. There are multiple power supplies in a D-Command, keep a spare of each. It takes longer to get to and unmount the power supply than it does to swap a capacitor.
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