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Default Re: Steven Slate Drums 5 (SSD5 and SSD5 FREE) Now Available!

Originally Posted by b mcgibney View Post
I've gone through the install process but when I try to load up the two sample packs they are greyed out. I can open the drums in a PT session. but without the samples nothing is going to happen. Anyone else have this problem?

FWIW I'm on a 5,1 cheesegrater running the latest PT 2018

Within Install Manager, did you select:
(1) Path to SlatePack files
(2) Destination for SSD5Library folder (internal or external HD)

as shown here:
How To Install SSD5 Free on macOS

(above video - @ approx 1:10) - in SSD5 Free Settings: select Base Directory (location of SSD5Library)
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