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Default Re: PT 12.5 Video Engine

Originally Posted by chrisbarnett View Post
OK Guys think this is resolved

I found this and tried it and worked 1st time, I suspect they are testing the video engine on new machines and don't bother going backwards and checking older machines, which we all have because apple won't build a machine I can buy (but that's another story)

I moved the video engine from 12.4 to 12.6.1 and it works every time on sessions now.

Install 12.6.1, rename the app Pro Tools 12.6.1
Install 12.4, rename the app Pro Tools 12.4

Right Click both apps, show package contents /frameworks/video engine

Replace the video engine in 12.6.1 with the one from 12.4

close everything, start 12.6.1.

Test a session that was s problem before, voila !

Thanks to Jovo Kljajic for the hack !
Chris - thanks for the suggestion. Seemed to fix the problem on my 12.5.2 rig. I just replaced the Video Engine file in my 12.5.2 app with the 12.4.0 one.

I tried to reply earlier with a download link to the PT 12.4.0 file you need, but I don't think Avid liked that But if you can find it, just drag and replace the existing "AvidVideoEngine" file in Engine

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