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Default Re: Focusrite Red 4Pre!

Originally Posted by Southsidemusic View Post
Looks like everyone is running past Avid in interface options nowadays. This interface has it all really. I would love to try one asap since we are making some BIG changes in our main studio to streamline and scale down to the things we need, not what we thought we needed. And after looking at the new interfaces from Focusrite and Apollo we will probaly sell our Avid HDX2 and get new shiny units from 3rd party makers the next few months.
Avid should think of this years ago, It's time to Avid stop developing what so many manufactures are developing (from the low budget to high end ADDA), I don't know how this is done, but if Avid let almost anyone that want to use the Digilink/minidigilink protocol use it, it give more choices to users.
Avid should keep developing the HDX and HD Native cards + HD Software to give more than 32 i/o option (is what most people want and need from Avid now a days).

Now with the Focusrite Partner, let's see.

AVB? Ok it was cool, why they choose this path instead embrace DANTE that already gave some proofs that it's the "future".

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