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Default Re: Focusrite Scarlett Interfaces - New MixControl and Driver Betas July 2014

Originally Posted by kdarbyshirebryant View Post
It might be worth downloading a few demo versions (reaper, nuendo, audition) to see if they have similar problems.

I see very similar problem to you with regard to sample rate changing and that's with a TC Electronic interface. That interface & driver behaves impeccably with other ASIO hosts.

I guess I'm trying to gently nudge you in the direction that maybe the object of your frustration shouldn't be Focusrite but erm, elsewhere.
Maybe so...but I'm not inclined to switch DAWs. I actually have Reason 7 and Reaper, which I use with Rewire for various things. I guess I could experiment with those. But the bottom line is, I really do want it to work correctly with the Focusrite because it sounds so awesome!
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