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Default Re: Focusrite Scarlett Interfaces - New MixControl and Driver Betas July 2014

Hi Bill, i don't understand your point.
I bought the software (pro tools) and they say it works with third-party interfaces, now there is a small problem, it doesn't playback at 48khz, to me this is a basic function. It should work fine!
We are not talking about a strange/delicate issue but we are talking about something that every software must do (no problems with other softwares).

You said "but they didn't say it would be easy to use them", what?
Are there manufactures that claim something like this? Or should i buy only products with an "easy to use with focusrite" label on it?
The problem looks simple to me: there is something going on between focusrite and pro tools latest version, find out what it is and solve it! I think they can do it easily.
Sorry for my english!
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