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Cool Crazy workaround

problem avoided here (not solved):

@Matt: Right! It's like the fade gets it's time stamp from when it was created, and then conforms or edits move it around.
Donīt take the indicated time seriously!

If the error suddenly appears, the invalid fade should be somewhere in the area where you have worked lastly!
This should make steps 1-2-3 needless.
Anyway, youīll need Steps 1,2,3 if carry that prob for a long time...


1-Create a blank session

2-Session import track by track of the corrupted session. (in relink mode)

3-So you will find the track wich causes the error. Memorize it and close and delete the newly created session

4-Go to the finder and find the indicated fades and delete them from your HD.

5-Open your original session.

6-You will be asked what to do with the missing fade.
DONīt recreate fades automatically,
DONīt find automatically because this will cause PT to crash!
Simply choose: Skip all!

7-Now tab the tracks that caused the error and you will easily find the light blue offline fades.

8-Delete and recreate them manually

9-Session clean!

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