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Default Komplete 12 Ultimate on SSD

Hi - I've just bought NI Komplete 12 Ultimate and will be buying a suitable external SSD from which to run it. I'm running PT 2018.7.0 on a 2018 iMac 10.13.2. I've got a few questions which I hope to keep short and please feel free to keep any answers just as short:

1) Would there be any issues running my PT sessions from the same SSD (as Komplete) or should I still keep them separate? (I currently use a Glyph GT062E for my PT sessions which is obviously slower than an SSD but was wondering if best practise is still to keep your sessions and your samples separate)

2) (a) Should I get an external SSD with USB or Thunderbolt interface? My iMac has 4 USB ports and 2 Thunderbolt.

2) (b) Do either powered or unpowered USB/Thunderbolt hubs inhibit speed/performance if I do need to expand my number of ports?

Many thanks

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