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Default Re: Digidesign MIDI IO with PT 2018 / High Sierra?

Yes, my unit works in 10.13.6
Zero problems at all when connected to the MacBookPro.

Weird hangup on the MacPro though. From a fresh startup Protools loads fine. If I were to close and reopen Protools, it will hang at the point it connects to the midi interface. If I hit the reset button on the Midi I/O's front panel Protools will then continue loading and the session will run without problems. Another fix is to leave the "Audio MIDI Setup" opened/running and no hang-ups will occur when starting Protools.

It's weird and I haven't figured it out just yet but I feel it have something to do with the Audio MIDI Setup. The same hangup issue happens with Logic. But again, no problems at all if I connect the Midi I/O to the MBP running 10.13.6
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