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Default Debugging word clock; Install both PT 8 & 9?

We have a PT HD4 setup with 2 HD MADI boxes and an HD I/O being fed from an external word clock. For a few weeks, everything was fine, but last week we started getting pops/clicks every few minutes while monitoring/recording. It's a very transient digital sounding pop.

Now at the same time, we had a power failure during the week, a new guy was in playing with/working on the system, and our hardware bus assignments on our HD I/O got a bit scrambled. All that to say, things changed from one session to the next, and some of the things seem like they should not have changed.

Our resident "wise-old-man" thinks the popping sounds like a word clock seek/sync issue. Is there a way to debug such an issue with Pro Tools?

Are there other likely causes of occasional clicks? (Again, unknown and unexpected things changed, so maybe our hardware buffer got dorked, or the DSP settings) (We REALLY need to write all the settings down once we get things working again. )


Other question: Is it possible to have Pro Tools 8 and 9 installed at the same time? Our original installers put in PT 8 HD, but we are eligible for the free upgrade to PT 9. We've been running with PT 8 for about two months, but guess we should enter the modern world and jump to 9. Can we install the two in parallel - like name one "Digidesign" folder "PT 8HD" and install 9?

- Jasen.
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