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Default HD I/O thunderbolt (digital distortion playback)

early 2011
macbook pro
2.2 GHZ Intel Core i7
OS 10.8.5

Protools 10.3.8
hd driver 11.1
HD native thunderbolt FPGA firmware 2.01
HD I/O firmware 5.5

Kingston SSD internal
Lacie external HD (firewire 800)


Had the system configured with a Hitachi internal. OS 10.9.1, PT 11.2
Gradual decay of signal until completely garbled. Almost like 2 bit
playback of everything in or out. Device is seen in Avid core audio, as
well as playback engine.

Step Taken:

1. Replaced internal with known good SSD
2. Played back project (external) on another users MBP
3. Uninstalled HD Driver
4. Reinstalled HD Driver
5. Digitech updated firmware and passed tests. Device shows up
in playback engine. Audible pop when opening project.
6. Replaced thunderbolt cable.
7. Replaced Digilink cable.
8. Tried every possible starup sequence i could think of
9. Wiped internal drive
10. Installed clean OS 10.8.5
11. Installed Pro Tools 10.3.8
12. Tried a different external firewire drive


No improvement. At some stages the device would appear to work
normally only to gradually decay again into a munged basket of
nasty. It appears that there might be a clocking related error. Or
perhaps a degraded chipset in the thunderbolt box or the I/O.

Conclusion :

I need a new HD I/O
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