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Default Re: Worth replacing 2008 Mac Pro for upgraded 2010 Mac Pro?

Originally Posted by YYR123 View Post
How much did you pay? I have seen some machines locally that are 2009’s and about $425 USD.

Thanks LDS, greatly appreciate the info from both of you, as well as others.

The current one I have now since I learned of this great upgrade, is a 2.8 single CPU, 2010, which I paid $300 for, plus the $90 for the CPU, and running perfect.

I didn't think about the single CPU thingee, and realized I had sold my 2008 2.8 dual for a single CPU 2010.

The 2009's seam like to much of a hassle with the de-lidding.

So now I purchased a 2010 2.4 Dual (CPU), I got for $300 as well.

Will put back the Original CPU on the 2010 in just upgraded, and put back the original CPU and unload that one.

I ordered another X5690, and will put both of those in the 2010, 2.4 dual tray.
MAC PRO 2010 5,1 3.46hex 96ram - Mt. Lion 10.8.5 - PT 9.O.6 003 CONSOLE /DIGIMAX FS /PCM90 2CHANNEL SPDIF

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