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Default Re: AAF and vis ref audio not lined up

Originally Posted by sonoftherenegade View Post
So in summary, it is usually safe to say that the AAF audio should be moved to line up with the vis ref audio?
Eeek why would you do that? There is often no way to tell how the editor made the vis ref guide track, hence no way to guess the timing delay on the Guide track. They could have used a plug-in (i.e.: a compressor or even a chain of plugins) that introduced latency to print the guide track and therefore the guide is running out compared to the AAF.

Also, imho H.264 sucks, get them to give you DNx or ProRes codec movie files from their Editing application rather than H.264. Please don't rely on your own video conversion processes to provide a guide track that is absolute sync. I've tried all the conversion methods and I've noticed varying audio sync in the converted video files in all of them!

Get the base-lines established. Demand that your picture editor to give you head and tail pops. Check the pops both in the AAF and the Guide track. Do the head and tail pops in the AAF match to the guide track head and tail pops by the same amount? (Same offset?). Grid mode in ProTools is your friend here. If so then you've got to choose a reference point. I would not rely on a guide track to guarantee absolute sync and move the AAF to match that. Then you are in wavy gravy land! That's what pops are for.

Next thing, can you guarantee your system is playing in sync? OK assuming it is, then does the AAF look "IN SYNC"? Hopefully it does. If you have the same offset throughout the project and you've got a 1/10 sec offset in your guide track, then regard your AAF as the reference. If your editor has printed pops head and tail then you can easily see what's up.

So in these scenarios, with wiggly pictures and guide tracks that are out by a small amount, you MUST align the pops of the guide track to the visual 2 pop frames. If you shift the guide track to align exactly with the visual 2 pop and the sync holds to the end pop then you are all good. And if that matches the AAF the whole way thru then job done! You're in sync.

Pops are the ANCHOR! Remember that even if there ends up being some sort of wildcard offset that you never knew about due to some bizarre technical snafu, then if you are consistently offset for some reason, then you can easily re-allign the entire show via the pops at any stage.

I've seen so many Guide tracks not being "in", I could paper a wall with them. Set your reference and never accept any job without the head/tail pop anchors.
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