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Default Re: Upgrade path too expensive

Originally Posted by Sardi View Post
I find it hard to believe you’re getting a free upgrade to ProQ v1 to v3. I own v2 and have to pay to upgrade. I think you may ha e read the email wrong.

As to your point about OS updates - have a dual boot machine. One OS for your older software and one for your newer stuff.

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Sardi, I stand corrected, upgrade from version 2 to 3 comes to me with a 65% discount. I did get a free upgrade from 1 to 2 and as I said, it's 5 or 6 years ago when I purchased version 1 so I cannot complain.

Yes, I could look at doing a dual boot. Do you know of any guides on how to do that? How do you get an old version of Mac OS?
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