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Default Re: Upgrade path too expensive

This is what happens when you go outside the compatibility of a particular PT version. Should have thought about that before updating to HS. You can't expect Avid to continue updating an old version of PT do you?

It may not be fair but Avid has to look at the costs of doing what you want. And they decided it wasn't worth it.

There's nothing that says you need to use the new stuff in the current PT version. You could ignore freeze and commit and VCA faders but think how much better that could make your workflow.

If you really needed to keep your OSX up to date you could have done what I and other users do and that is to have more than one boot partition on your system drive. Have PT on say OSX 10.10.5 and everything else on the HS partition. Save for Logic I don't know of any music s/w that needs HS.

Doing the OSX 'upgrade' like you did is NOT the way to go as in-situ OSX upgrades can lead to all kinds of incompatibilities as can using Migration Assassin. My guess is you probably have other music s/w that's giving you issues and not just PT.
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