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Default Re: Can I run HD Native on my MacBook Pro w/o hardware?

I've a similar question to the original post and would be grateful for advice.

I currently use Nuendo on an oldish Mac Pro, with an Apogee Symphony 64 PCIe card connected to Apogee AD16x and DA16x converters.

I would like to use ProTools software because of industry compatibility and need to use the HD software to unlock the surround sound outputs and the field recorder workflow functions.

I have been told by an Avid ProTools specialist that I can only use the HD software if I'm using the HD hardware, either with a PCIe card or Thunderbolt connected box. My Mac doesn't have Thunderbolt outputs and I don't have any spare PCIe slots. So, if I can get an HD licence can I use ProTools HD with my Apogee I/O? If I can, what would be the cheapest way to get an HD Licence given that I don't need or want any Avid hardware.

Thanks very much
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