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Default Re: Anyone using SSD for their primary record drives?

Originally Posted by NewdestinyX View Post

I'll have to reread the other post about 'backup' in real time. But how do you get PT to cut to 'two drives at once'? Unless I'm missing your point. I ALWAYS run Retrospect™ backups after every session. Are you talking about something more 'raid-like' in real time when you're cutting to the SSD? Or just making sure you backup after each session which I already do.
What this does: is detect any changes I make on the SSD drive and immediately makes a copy to a internal HD for me. I never even notice that it's doing the copying. I do this because although the SSDs have been perfectly stable so far, I have no idea if, like a regular HD, you get a warning IF the drive was going to die. For all I know it could just suddenly die with no warning so, I'd have a real time back up ready to go.
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