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Default 2 presonus eureka's their digital card, and an avalon 737

hey everyone, I had an idea.
My 2 Eureka's share a digital converter card, the one made for them and is installed in one of the preamps, the other pre goes into the digital card from its analog output to make 2 spdif inputs into my 002R.
My avalon 737 unfortunately goes into a digi analog input and then through the 002 converters.

So here is my idea, if I were to take the output from the avalon ans switch it with the second eureka so it is using the presonus converter and going into PT via spdif instead of through the digi converters...
1) do you think it would work????...I don't see why not!!
2) do you think the avalon would sound better going through the presonus converters than it does using the digi converters???

any thoughts greatly appreciated, meanwhile I just might give it a try.
Thanks Scott
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