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Default Re: S3L - The early death of a sweet console and what could follow?

I know that they will show both systems s3lx and s6l in the Rai Amsterdam at ISE 2017. So i guess there s3lx is system isn't dead. Though i think in the competition for small console format their loosing ground.

Just as Digico has released an other new console. Which seem to be highly competitive. Kind of waiting for a console which will be kind of new sc48....only with specs that whould make it like a 2017 console. At the moment s3lx seem to be a stepbackwards.

In effort to make s3lx more grown up. Avid should update the following:

-Adopting master live touch screen. would be a great thing for s3lx.
-Inserting dan dugan auto mixer would be necessary if you take a look to other consoles in the same leauge.
-64 mono channels + 8 stereo returns
-32 varible aux groups + 8 matrix
-updating their snapshot system for more convenient control: -recalling selecteble auxes (not just a selection of groups ) -different scope filter per channel with a different colour so you can see it at an blink of an eye. - triggering multiple snapshots from the snapshot page instead of their event page.
- selecteble aux pre pickoff per channel basis (channel 1 aux 1 pre eq post comp. Ch 2 aux 1 pre comp post eq) Instead of Avid global pick-of system which is absolutely useless. And so outdated.
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