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Default Re: Pan and plugin windows follow selection

I really think it should be a feature: If I click a clip, open plugin-windows and pans should folow - as long the clip also has the same plugins on the track. It would be that simple! Imagine, never screwing around in the wrong window!
Logic for example did this since years and other DAW probably too. It would speed up an editing-workflow and also the concentration to the actual work would be massive better if you don't have to select all that by hand all the time. I think it is just unnessesairy.

It should work like this:
You select a clip, all open plugin-windows follow: Your MS-Tool, your EQ and your pan or whatever you loaded in the tracks, everything which is open shows the parameters from that selected track.

A checkbox in the prefs could activate or deactivate this option so everybody could work as he wants.

Spanner is great, but currenty I'm working on a project my client hasn't Spanner. So I have to use the pans. :-(

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