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Default Re: ProTools price adjustments from July 1st.

Originally Posted by FilterDecay View Post
yes. If avid crashes and burns tomorrow i can sit on my current versions until the industry figures it out. Thats how I will always operate. Same with iloks always online thing. I asked them if I sign up for the service what happens if they go out of business? No response. OK so I wont buy that service then.
Unfortunately this may be one of the old Harvard Business "Gut the struggling company for a much cash as possible and run" scenarios. We'll see.

AFAIK there are actually very few companies making bank by going the subscription route(primarily cloud storage, anti-virus software and Microsoft Windows selling to corporations). Every one else may not be making much more than if they just sold the licenses.

Perhaps the board has bought into some "consultant" pied pipers marketing spiel that they don't really get, wherein said Piper has spun up a bunch of fantasy numbers that got them salivating like Pavlov's dogs. The point is they aren't end users, they are corp rats, they are trying to sell to other corp rats and IMHO they are doomed damned and deep on "the spectrum". Remember the consultant knows best because they are paid to!
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