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Default I WAN\'T Powered plug-ins !!!

OK, I have towed the line for a while now.
pt le...... pt le......
It's great!! yes

but now I go to a friends place and he is using someting else, VST based.
The interface is clunky, I don't like much about it all about it .

BUT !! he has the UA powered plug-in board and it is AWESOME.

I am afraid I will have no choice to change over unless digi can get on this bandwagon.

Yes I have read all the posts about how it will cut into the profit margin of their tdm systems but COME ON. Doesn't people buying neuendo and logic cut into these profits?

I Love pt le, 24 tracks if fine. 24 bit is fine. 48khz is fine. rtas is fine BUT. without the added horsepower of powered plugs I feel dissapointed.

I can't believe digi is just ignoring this.
I am hoping that they have their own plans in this direction, but maybe r&d is holding them up.

BUT WHY NOT TELL US IT"S ON THE WAY? this secret squrell crap is BS.

enough ranting.

I dont want to switch, damnint

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