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Default Re: Upgrading from Windows 98 SE to XP??

I think upgrading to XP is great but do a clean install and don't by the upgrade version of XP,
get the full version. Trying to convert 98 into XP with the upgrade version can run into errors and problems.
My approach was to take my Win 98 drive out of the system and put a brand new drive in for XP.
This had two advantages. One was that XP runs better on the new faster IDE drives so I upgraded the hard drive. Two, you will still have your old drive with 98 on it if XP turns out to be NOT your cup of tea.
I still put my 98 drive back in sometimes because I had some plugins that worked only with 98.
I have a removable hard drive bay so I can swap quickly.
There is another advantage too. If your new drive dies you can pop the old drive back in and continue to work on your sessions. Sessions will open on 98 or XP as long as you format the session drive with FAT and not NTFS.
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