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Default Re: UAD2 + Win 7-64 + ProTools 9 Reflections

Originally Posted by vonglahnpg View Post
Final update: I removed the UAD2 card and all related software and things seemed fine. Then Pro Tools started acting up - claiming I was running out of memory to the point that I couldn't exit the program and had to reboot the computer. This happened even with a fresh program start and no activity - I was on the phone at the time and had done nothing beyond opening a session. I'm taking out the UAD and all UA software, including anything left in the windows registry. I'll re-install after UA gets their RTAS interface working.
Not sure if this would make a difference, but what motherboard do you have? Before I built my PC for Pro Tools performance I studied this forum for weeks and found out that certain components of the build make huge differences in the systems performance. How about your bios settings? I remember I disabled some of the features that came with it and my performance increased immensely. Just something to think about.
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