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Default Re: My 1st 001 mix - comments?

I tried to go there and listen to it. Its difficult to find and DL, maybe its just me, but try to idiot proof the process. I think that is the reason no one has responded. As most of us are PT users and PT is not OS X ready yet, we are mostly running 9.1 or 9.22. The realone media player requires OS X, at least that is what the page pop up message told me. So I wasn't in the mood to reboot into X, just to listen to the file. As PT pros, as you know, we are all sick or re-booting every 10 minutes; especially if it isn't a money making re-boot. You gotta' lead these horses to water, then make it a one click process to drink.... [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

Just my thoughts 2 worth...

Best Regards

Partial list of album credits/editor.
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