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Default Re: Icon Wheel Functions

Yes, we've certainly received this exact feedback over the years. As you mentioned, all of the essential functions of zoom, scroll and scrub are already EUCONized, it's just that they are modal instead of momentary. Unlike D-Control and D-Command, the modifier functions on the S6 Fader Modules have the ability to expand any of the Soft Key functions on the surface with extra layers of programmed functions. For example, if you hold down the Control modifier switch while pressing Capture from Automation 2 - the soft key changes to a Capture All function.

As always, I recommend users optimize the specific section of the console based on your workflow. If you don't use Clip Gain regularly, reprogram the + and - switches around the wheel for Zoom or Waveform Zoom (which currently requires an added Shift to engage it).


Jeff Komar
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