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Default Re: PIA New Focusrite Pligin looks A+

Originally Posted by dr sound View Post
I understand your frustrations but, The DSM is created by another company
from way back. The Focusrite is new and Dirk and Company have a strong
team led by ex Pro Tools Plug in Designer Martin Stahl who is brilliant!
I will not hesitate purchasing the Focusrite Plug in Bundle if it meets my needs.
Does that mean that only brainworx branded and only recently designed plugins with Dirk name on it should be bought to avoid future issues? I own lots of their plugins and not really moaning about them not fixing bugs. At $25-29 price point we can expect a one time purchase without asking a rhetoric question whether they ever are going to fix any bugs. The answer will be - no. Buy another version for $25 and then - maybe.
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