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Default Re: Questions about how to match multitrack audio with edited video

Logic is not a good way to solve this unless you were wanting to buy it for other reasons. The easiest way to conform what you've done is via the first answer you got--do your new video, put it in a new PT project along with your old multitrack and cut the latter to fit the former. We do it every day.

You can get a usable AAF (not OMF) from FCX via X2Pro, with some caveats. If you have not assigned "roles" to all your audio clips then X2 Pro (and moreso the cheaper version) will make separate audio tracks for many or all of the clips. Thus you can end up with an export that has 500+ tracks (this has happened to me). No matter how organized you are about your editing in FCX you will find that dealing with the exported tracks in PT (or whatever DAW) will require a lot more detective work to sort out where everything is than exports coming from other NLEs. Thus if you decide to make another production and want to do extensive (ie professional) audio post on it I would strongly recommend that you use just about any NLE OTHER THAN FCX.
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