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Default Re: 2009 4.1 (4) Core Upgraded to a 5.1 (6) Core

Originally Posted by Barry Johns View Post
Tell me more about the Vice IHS Removal.....What is the vice method without the hammer?

My CPU's arrived last week, I am awaiting my Thermal Pad as well as Washers to arrive this week.

Two questions?

1. Did you use washers?

2. Did you addd 3mm thermal pad over the sensors?

3. Did you do both?

So many success stories without having to Delid the CPU's, which is highly not recommended......

I tried it all!! Washers, thermal pad, drop the fan connector etc.

Do a search for Delid with vise .

I used an x-acto knife to cut the perimeter sealer, then used the vise method of shearing the solder horizontally.

Total success.
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