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Default Re: 2009 4.1 (4) Core Upgraded to a 5.1 (6) Core

Originally Posted by TVPostSound View Post
Took my 2009 2.66 2 X 4 core to 2010-2012 2.93 2 X 6 core using a pair of x5670 processors. Cost was $210/pair, they were pulls from a server at OWC.

Bought 8 X 4 gig 1333 ram totaling 32G for $249 at OWC.

I could not for the life of me get them to work with the lids on, after reading countless posts, and videos.
So I went home and removed the lids (IHS) via the vise method. (Not the hammer and vise method).
Cut the sealer with an x-acto knife, then used the vise method to shear the soldered lid from the CPU die.

Regarding memory, yes there is a 2% hit when filling a 4 slots versus 3. The sweet spot for a Mac Pro is 3 X 8 meg sticks per CPU die.
I went with 4 X 8 per CPU, and it far outweighed the 3 channel performance.

So for $460, I brought my 2009 to a 2012!! Good for a couple of more years.

Next on the to do list an SSD boot drive!!
Tell me more about the Vice IHS Removal.....What is the vice method without the hammer?

My CPU's arrived last week, I am awaiting my Thermal Pad as well as Washers to arrive this week.

Two questions?

1. Did you use washers?

2. Did you addd 3mm thermal pad over the sensors?

3. Did you do both?

So many success stories without having to Delid the CPU's, which is highly not recommended......
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