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Default Re: 2009 4.1 (4) Core Upgraded to a 5.1 (6) Core

Originally Posted by Table Syrup Records View Post

If I am not mistaken, the W's are singles.
I think the X's and E's are setup for multiples. (They also run fine as singles)

Point being, when swapping a single CPU model, if you plan to potentially swap in a dual CPU board later, you may want to consider using a CPU capable of running in a dual configuration, so if you make that move later, all you need to do is get one more CPU. The ones made for dual application also run fine by themselves, but the ones made for single do not run (or not right) in dual configuration..... it's just something you could do to save yourself some money in the long run.
I think I remember reading or watching a video somewhere, where they said you can't put the X series processors in the single core MacPro.
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