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Default Re: Mix won't power on

Hey All,

Unfortunately I have to join this club as well. My Artist Control stopped wroking a couple of days ago. I submitted a request to support on the AVID site (ASC form) and they responded to me to send them the ser no and pruchase proof to check if there is warranty.

This immediatly annoyed me because first of all to be able to request support you should have a ASC number which is couple to your ser no, so I would guess they have it allready.

Then as many people wrote here it is a known problem because of some design faillure. It would be ridiculous that I have to pay to sort their problems out. If I really will have to pay to AVID and also have to send it from Brazil to the USA it is going to be an expensive issue. Just because their was a design engineer who made a mis calculation in component specs.

Hmmm i hope I'm being to pessimistic
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