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Default Re: Eleven Rack and a BOSS FV-500-L expression Pedal ? ? ?

Originally Posted by magicaldog View Post
I bought the BOSS FV-500-L and has already replaced it for a new unit once !

I only use the expression jack and after using it for a couple of days I noticed it became very glitchy and did not have a smooth travel especially on wah pedal.

I replaced it with a new pedal and now that has the same issue
So how did this turn out for you?
Have you abandoned the Boss pedals for expression with the 11R?

I sold my EV-5 a few years ago but am thinking about getting e new one, but now I'm starting to get a little worried about the quality even though the one I hade felt good even though it was plastic.
I didn't use it very much so I don't really know how the pedal will stand the test of time but would like to have something small like that to use with the wah-wah on the 11R.
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