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Default Re: Is this platform developed any further?

Hi there,

i am using MC Transport since some months and want to say, in my opinion it's the best Controller(perhaps Controller-System) on market at this time regarding Price, Quality and Features. The only one I know, that is working even with every Software, that supports Key shortcuts (so every Software you can imagine) not only DAWs or Video-Editing-Software - did some tests with QuarkXPress and Photoshop. Very impressing for me the possibility to switch different hosts with two knobs, even with Mouse and Keyboard (Works for me very fine to switch between iMac with 10.8.5 and an old Macbook 2007 with 10.6.8), both controlled with one Mouse and one Keyboard.

BUT it's far away from being perfect, unfortunately it seems to be unfinished (beta-version-like) and you have to test lots of settings with lots of tries and errors to get it work without big problems. User interface is very unfriendly. Because it's not possible to copy and paste or to save different settings for one Software (e.g. one setting for editing/cutting and one for mixing in Logic). It's disappointing that the outstanding hardware concept is broken by the unfinished software interface that reminds me to software from the early 90ths ;-) It's the bottleneck in the whole system, in my opinion. By the way: i never had any network problems. Perhaps many problems that are described here are caused by User-Systems and not by Eucontrol but I am not sure, because I only use one MC-Transport, the "simplest" Controller in Artist Series, with Macs.

My english is not the best (sorry), so i am unable to explain some very interesting technical discoveries i found when trying settings for Logic and Totalmix-FX (RME Audio Interface) on OSX: I found a nearly perfect working solution for the Jog/Shuttle issue in Logic (8, 9, X), also a solution to connect with MackieControl configuration to Totalmix FX. Did all tests only with MC Transport but i think other controllers or even other Software will also work.

I would invest in all Artist Controllers (Control, Mix, Color) if it's clear that there will be a serious development of Eucontrol in the next years. Meanwhile i combine MC Transport with Software Controllers on iPad (e.g. V-Control Pro) that do the mixing job in a very stable setup for me.

I am not a software developer but perhaps a special XML-Editor-Software could do a lot of configurations in a much easier way than doing this in EuControl with its Copy and Paste limitation. Another userfriendly way would be a central download-library for custom XML-Files for different Software, where users can up-/download custom made settings.
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