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Default apocalyptic love mastering

Well its been a while since I was last debating mastering levels, make everything louder than everything else as John Lord once said.

Anyways, I often use 2 or three tracks that I know intimatley in a mastering session to A-B bass , verb etc as I go.

Recently a client brought in apocalyptic love, by Slash, you all know it, and asked to emulate the overall type sound. The song in question was track 5 No More Heroes.

ok, thats more in the mix yet overall the sound is kinda unique in some respects, HOWEVER...
the overall output volumes of the tracks were all hovering around the -5.5db range, this had me curious.
you can also see it has not been hyper cprsd either, nice compression and kinda fuzzy.

Have I missed something, the out levels are normally aimed alot closer to 0db than that? more to .01 or even -1 but -5.5?

Perhaps toast reduced it on extraction? it was from the original cd.

this seems a bit extreme?

anyways, hi to all, hope you are all doing well.
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