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Default Re: "Some regions had invalid bounds and were adjusted or deleted"

Originally Posted by DigiTechSupt View Post
If you look at the full path name - are the audio files in the location where Pro Tools is expecting to see them?

Can anyone provide any more details that may help us narrow down the cause? Were these sessions created in a previous version? Can you reproduce this in a new session? Has anyone actually seen a file go missing, or does the message seem to be a red herring and nothing is actually going wrong?

Any detail you can provide would help us immensely in tracking down the problem.

The main problem with this message/error is that it doesnīt provide ANY information what is actually deleted. Be it a bug or not, PT should at least provide a list or things that it dropped and where in the time-line.

The "some region have been dropped"-massage has been around for years but no matter what the cause is the error-handling of this case needs to be re-worked for more transparancy. Right now it just says that "something" has been dropped "somewhere" and leaves a lot of guessing to the user about what he actually lost from his work. To find lost elements in a post-session with 150 tracks and tenthousands of elements would take days.

IMO itīs bad programming but maybe there is some secret wisdom Iīm missing.

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