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Default Drum Channel members?

Are there any Drum Channel website members here? Long time member/subscriber there and this morning (actually it came to the email server very late last night) that PayPal had sent an email saying that Drum Channel had canceled my automatic renewal payment (mine is due on May 25 each year). Anybody gotten one of these emails?

Further when I go to the DrumChannel website and check my account I'm told I have no subscription. When I go to the subscription page I see they are no longer charging my payment method (PayPal) and that the prices have gone way up to $120 (my current payment is/was $44.90) per year but being I am a current member that gets discounted to $84.95 which is an 89% increase. No idea if that discount will continue from year to year.

Anybody seeing this as well? I like the site and what it offers but that price........
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