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Default Re: Avid Removes Perpetual License from ILok

Originally Posted by Mixchump View Post
I had this issue a few months back, and was triggered by installing SourceNexus and it's accompanying iLok demo auth. Went crazy trying to solve it, and all 3 parties (Avid, Source-Elements, and Pace) threw up their hands... After a couple days it magically reappeared on my iLok. Nobody officially confessed to what the issue was, and I'm still convinced that some kind of glitch occurred from installing the Source Nexus demo auth onto my iLok...
Glad to report this isn't always the case ... in November I had the demos for both Source Nexus Basic & Pro on the iLok and then purchased SN Pro from a reseller. At no point did any of my licenses disappear or do anything wacky.

This is really no good though...this has to solved. I had enough issues when i was on subscription with the license needing to be refreshed or not working etc...haven't had any issues with the perpetual license yet, touch wood!!
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