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Default Re: Help With Pro Tools And Source-Connect...

Jack, I'll work with anyone in the world who wants to hire me ��

I have changed some routing in the interval between using Source-Connect last, but it's akin to changing routing on a board. You would get feedback if routed incorrectly, not occasional beeps. When I'm on S-C's ECHO Test, the beeps are quite low. When I was testing with another person in their home studio, the beeps could be quite loud and sometimes there was a kind of "ripping" sound/distortion. Again, only on the incoming signal, the person at the other end heard nothing. I thought it might be an overload at the S-C servers, but then, why was it only the incoming stream to me and not the incoming stream at the other end? And I know it's only the incoming stream to me, because I recorded the ECHO Test and any beeps were only in the incoming stream, plus the fact the other person heard no beeps when I was online with them.

I did get a reply in one of the S-C forums, but not too helpful. Suggested a higher buffer size in Pro Tools, from 512 and up, but I can't record at that high a buffer, too much latency. They also suggested a trial of Source Nexus Pro and use that to route signal instead of the Source Link plug-in in Pro Tools, but the responder must have missed the fact I posted I'm on Windows. Source Nexus is only available for OS X.

Not a deal breaker as the beeps aren't in my outgoing stream. I'll try higher buffer sizes and lower quality in Source-Connect and see what happens. I always record my end and send the raw file to the studio at the other end anyway as the quality is better.

I know Source-Elements is slammed with purchasing requests and support requests as all the people who either don't have it at home or are scrambling to put in home studios are clamoring to get it and get it working.

Thanks to both of you for posting. Be safe and be well.
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