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Default Re: HD3 3rd card not recognized

Thanks for your replies. yes I try all combo possible. HD card 3 is not recognized in slot 3 or 4 but works fine in my old mac pro. Card 2 works in slot 3 ????.
The funny thing is the same thing happen to me a couple of year ago I got a Mac Pro 8 cores (2.8GHZ) at the time and the same exact problem happen.
I am calling Avid tomorrow because chances are it is not the new Mac Pro
How can 2 Mac pro be defective in exactly the same way. I have to face it I am nor doing the right thing. Is any one running HD card(s) on a Nehalem machine? BTW that 2.93 GHZ is a monster just for the fun of it I was running 48 Logic pro space designer reverb cathedral setting with the Mac pro only a 50% CPU..

I'm gonna try you suggestion about the dig test.
Maybe it is not a good thing to do but I plug in the card #3 in slot 4 while the computer was on. If the card is recognized the computer will do a restart.
Wich it did so I know it is not the PCIe.
Right now I put the cards back in the old computer I have work to do, but will continue trying until success.

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