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Default Re: To HEAT or not to HEAT?

Agree with some of Midnight points above!

We use it now and then but have fallen for other plugins that works on VI tracks too which is muy importante para nosotros seeing we use many VI tracks on every session so having to use HEAT on audio and other options on Instrument traxx is a bit annoying and if we want HEAT on all tracks we have to bounce to audio and redo that everytime we wanna change anything on a instrument track.

Also not working on non HD so no go with vanilla.

Also nr 2 it is not worth $500 and for less than $200 you can find alternatives that are Awesome!

So ... I would recommnend trying out other plugins for the HEAT on your traxx and there are some super great option today. Remember that HEAT is pretty old and still Avid wants $499 which is wayyy too much IMHO of course.
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