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Default Re: Eleven Rack #2 issues


Thanks for responding.

It's very odd.
There is only one instance in Control Panel including hidden view.

Prefs trashed. Started Pro Tools.
In Setup the Midi Input Device list is greyed out.
However, if I open a session the device list is active.
There is Eleven Rack and then Eleven Rack Emulated.

I can uncheck either one and I still get the #1 and #2 on startup.

I use the Rack as an amp simulator. I plug the guitar in and then use the XLR out to a channel in my HD I/O. i set the input to the channel with the Rack and I record. The rig settings get embedded. It's been working like this for a years and years.

Ever since I swapped the Rack's USB port not only am I getting the #2 issue BUT any track recorded from the Rack will take 4 to 5 seconds AFTER I stop the recording to "draw" the waveform and return to the "record ready" state.

I hope I explained that well.

Imagine - you record your guitar, hit stop and Pro Tools just sits there for five full seconds doing nothing and then you eventually get the waveform.

I have two thoughts now:
1) the Rack *might* have been in a USB 3.0 port and now it's in a 2.0. I can't recall.
2) Will a full re-install of Pro Tools eliminate this or did the Rack driver write something really deep in the Registry that I'll never be able to get it out without re-installing Windows?

Wow! That was a long post!

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