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Default 11R isn't recognized in pro tools 10 - help needed

Hey guys,

I'm writing this as I need help, all the search I've done didn't help...

I just formatted my PC and installed Windows 10 home edition.
I followed all the usual instructions, installed the lastest 11R drivers and the latest Pro Tools 10 installer, but every time I try to launch Pro Tools I get the already known error:

"unable to locate hardware. make sure your hardware is connected".

My 11R is configured correctly, no issues in windows device manager, I can listen to music by using it and the 11R stand-alone editor works perfectly fine!

I also checked for issues with my Ilok, there are none (license is activated). I also tried installing ASIO4ALL and Pro Tools launched correctly, but in the device setup menu the only thing that appeared is ASIO4ALL, the 11R isn't there...

I can't understand why my 11R works perfectly but it just isn't recognized by Pro Tools.

How can you guys help me here? What else should I do in this case?
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