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Default Re: Time Machine Session Won't Open on New MacBook Pro

The sessions and their content are where? And you restored them from Time Machine and are trying to open them? What exactly are you doing? Why are audio files missing? Why are you dragging and dropping a single .ptx file and not a whole session folder? Hopefully you have your content arranged with media in the same folder as the session file (if not time to think about doing that). Where exactly is the content for this session? Is content actually on the external Time Machine disk or is it actually all on the other Mac? (and sessions run there find that content?)

You possibly have created an account on the new Mac with a numerical uid (User ID) different than the uid on the old Mac that owns all those files. It does not matter that names match, what matters is the numeric value matches. But you want both to match for convenience. I would fix this by changing the uid of the account on the new mac to be the same as on the old Mac. e.g. see. Your group id/group membership should probably be the same as well. I'll leave that to your googling foo.
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