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Default Re: The dark side of WRITE TO SELECTION

Originally Posted by Watagushu2013 View Post
I use a lot, while in preview mode, a button that has not been able to access it from my d command buttons but works great for writing automation to only parameters that changed in preview and to be able to not overwrite any other lanes that had already been automated: that shortcut is called "write to all enabled" ...
I strongly believe, that is not true, at least not true, if not using a controller.
With Preview and Write-to-all-enabled and a selection made : every parameters value, not just the touched/isolated parameter, at the time of actually hitting Write-to-all-enabled will be written statically to the whole selection. Every parameter, that is not disabled in the top part of the automation window.
Example : a selection, where a pan is automated to go from left to right. Now playback, only touch the volume, write-to-all-enabled -> pan automation is static now, with the value that was present at the time of hitting write-to-all-enabled, to the whole selection.
That's why is called "to-all-enabled", not "to-just-the touched-ones".
Two ways to only write the touched parameters to the selection is to use "Write-to-all" (in the right-click menu of the buttons for Return-to-Zero or Go-to-End) or "Write-to-selection" (Automation Window, Manual Write).
"Write-to-all" is not the same as "Write-to-all-enabled" (Ctrl Alt /).
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