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Default dig.picture of DC-30+ with MBox - explain this?

Who can answer this:
I have two TDM-systems, each with a DC-30+. I record the movies with the miro-codec of course. Now i just got a MBox for portable works and thought that i have to translate the movie recorded with the DC-30+ (the MBox works with a PowerBook G4 and sometimes with the addition of a firewire-HDisk). Just to give it a try i just imported the movie into a session in MBox and see if i will have a recognisable picture at all - o wonder - the picture is very good - but do not forget - there is no DC-30+ on the PowerBook. But still - the picture is very good - just small but thats ok for the tasks i would like to do on the road...
I just do not understand - in the past this did not work - well - you could import the DC-30 picture but you could hardly see whats going on in that movie because the decompression of the DC-30 was not there.
Can QuickTime now (System 9.2.2) decompress the DC-30+-codec? And if so - why so fast?
I can easily play 16 tracks of audio (16bit, 48 kHz) with a very smooth picture on the screen (this also works if you connect a second screen to the PowerBook and lets say have the edit-window on the main screen and the mixer and the dig. picture on the second one).
Any ideas?
Because of OS X comming i think i cannot use the DC-30+ anymore and have to buy the fuse-card (probably) - will this i described also work with films recorded with the fuse (or do i then have to convert the movie)? The conversion-process from the DC-30+ to sorensen-codec takes about 3 hours for a 45 min film - recording the movie in sorensen-codec makes more sense then...
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