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Default Re: weird MIDI lag

It may be tough to diagnose an older rig like this, but here are some ideas to try:

1-Check Midi Realtime Properties to make sure you don't(accidentally) have a timing offset dialed up.

2-Simplify things down to a single hardware device and try each piece alone to see if the QSR is causing the problem.

3-because you are daisy-chaining midi devices, IIRC, each device is adding upwards of 10ms(so 3 devices in a row will cause 30ms of midi latency). It might be better to get a MIDI splitter to take a single midi OUT and feed each device from the splitter(to eliminate the acculated latency)

4-could the lag be caused by plugin latency? With LE having no automatic latency correction, your session itself might be causing timing issues(especially if you have some "mastering" plugins on a master track).

5-think about dragging yourself out of old habits One good controller and some modern VI plugins can cover (probably) everything you need, but with much less hardware(and the associated issues). Just an idea
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