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Default Re: Latency issue - i think I am paranoid, or maybe not!

Originally Posted by albee1952 View Post
I suspect this is your problem:
Model : nVidia C55 Host Bridge

Intel processors need an approved chipset to run Pro Tools(and nVidia is not approved AFAIK). Any quad core setup should run at 64 or 128 buffer settings just fine. An approved Asus motherboard might solve everything, but a new mobo will require a fresh install of OS and all software, unless you want to try Acronis True Image with the PLUS pack. It claims to be able to restore a drive image to different hardware. I tried it once without success, but that could have been my fault Hopefully, someone can offer up a mobo model number. I think the Q9400 is a socket 775 and there are(or were) a few solid setups out there
Hey thanks albee1952 for your response.

Yes, I know my motherboard is not qualified, but I have been able to work very stable with it. I can get to 64 buffer size in projects where I am not using Spdif...
...With time, I have learn about the resources management that this particular system of mine requires with very much success. It seems that Spdif is one of the limitations I haven't figure out.

So In order to figure it out, I'd like to ask you a few generic questions about latency and this project I am currently working (please if you can explain a little bit):

1- Is the buffer size affecting when recorded material is going to be recorded or it just affects when you hear it (latency)?
I ask you this because I am planning to set buffer size at 2048 and monitor myself with a mixer before going into protools. (Zero Latency Monitoring)

2- Can I change buffer sizes to different settings while recording without having Dly misalignment issues with Insert/Aux plugins?
I ask you this because I record while I am mixing therefore lots of plugins are going on in real time in my session?

Futher explaining: When I do latency compensation with Digirack TA ( for example to compensate for latency induced by altiverb place on an Aux) and I change buffer settings, I see that the Dly view changes samples latency reading accordingly. Do I have to keep on re-adjusting Digirack TA everytime I change buffer size so my tracks don't get phasing problems?

3- Is Zero Latency Monitoring a good solution to record with aux/inserts plugins without having to worry about latency nightmare?

Thanks a lot and sorry for my english, I hope I am clear..
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