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Default hard drive partitioning questions

Hi all,

A couple of questions:

1. If I am running 2 hard drives, a cd burner and cd rom in my pcu do want the hard drive with the OS and pro tools on it to be the master with the cd burner set to cable select connected to the #1 IDE slot and the dedicated audio drive with the cd rom set to cable to select connected to the #2 IDE slot, (I only have 2 ide connections) or a different configuration?

2. How do I want to assign audio storage on my drives if I am using WaveLab also? Should my dedicated audio drive only be allocated for PT and keep my wavelab temp files on the HD with the OS or can I put the wavelab temp files on the audio drive with the PT session files? (I don't think it should matter since I am not using both programs at once, but I'm just making sure...)

thanks for the help
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