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Default Source Connect/ Source Elements/ Anyone?

Just checking if anyone has used this plugin without issue with Protools 11.

I just downloaded it yesterday, not intended to use it just yet, but it automatically upon download is placed in the plugins folder (found that out later after contacting their customer support when trying to remove it fully from my system).

Anywho, I found that there were some mouse issues (mouse not feeling well and very slow in response time), and that's just with the presence of the plugin in the plugins folder, not with full activation What happened was that when booting up protools I would get a pop up box that asked me if I wanted to activate it.

May need something like this to do remote voice over sessions, but am extremely wary of anything that already shows an issue, despite their customer support claiming that their plugin does not have issues with Protools.

Been through enough hell with plugins causing problems. I don't need any more!

Looking forward to any and all replies!


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